Guest Speaker

i my name is Michael Bryce and I am a former college athlete, television talk show host, professional speaker, certified life and relationship coach, communications expert, hypnotist, NLP practitioner and youth advocate. I’ve worked with some of the top speakers, coaches and leadership trainers in the world and have helped 1000’s of people change their lives. I’ve helped turn around multi-million dollar companies by helping their top executives and employees live a less stressful life and communicate in a positive manner. 

But life wasn’t always like this. As a child I struggled with finding myself and was bullied for many years. Because of this, I became very angry leading me to become a bully and found that I didn’t like to be this way. I went on to highschool and was a great athlete but I was still then bullied for two years at two different schools. I fell ill due to the significant stress I was under. It was so bad that I missed almost an entire semester of school and developed major stomach issues so I transferred schools again. I also struggled to stay focused on school in large part to my undiagnosed ADHD. 

Later in life I found myself on the receiving end of an abusive relationship and as a man it was extremely difficult to admit that this tiny woman had been mentally and physically abusive to me. Things seemed to get better after that relationship but mentally I was even more damaged than I ever thought possible and I suffered through many relationships because of it. I hurt a lot of amazing people who really didn’t deserve it and for that I lost some of the best people I’ve ever known. 

I was a fitness trainer at the time and I was in great shape physically. But emotionally I was lost. I went on a very deep inner journey and worked with coaches in the key areas that I need to improve on. My relationships with myself, family and friends. Spiritually I was disconnected from my source universe, I didn’t know that I was pushing away the very things that I wanted in life. My business was suffering and I didn’t know how to turn it around. 

By working with these coaches in these areas of my life I have now become a Certified Life & Relationship Coach, a Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Television Talk Show Host, and Leadership Specialist. 

Now I’ve dedicated my life to helping you to become the best version of yourself by teaching you how to create the person you want to be, focusing on your future and living a life of fulfillment, purpose and happiness.