Relationship Coaching

When you met your person everything was amazing and magical in the beginning.

You went on dates, held hands, were kissy and huggy and you were head over heels in love. You either got married or moved in together and that was about the time when things went south.

Relationships are like that. When you get to know someone on a “SURVIVAL” level. Meaning are you compatible in a few areas. Like do you want kids, financially, sexually etc.

But you may have never learned what truly makes the other person tick. You never learned how you or your chosen person communicates. And this is just the beginning of what you MUST do at the beginning of a relationship. These are areas that most people don’t explore or have never been taught how to. This is not natural, so it’s easy to get missed.

Then a few years go by and you feel like you’re with a complete stranger. You develop anger, resentment and even hatred towards that person. And you’re left looking in the mirror wondering what happened to your life and your relationship?

You may have read books, watched YouTube videos, gone to therapy or counselling and even a seminar or two. But you’re still stuck because you haven’t gotten to the cause of what’s happening and both of you may not be participating with the help you’ve tried to get.

Relationships are simple yet complex. When you learn how they work, how to effectively communicate and connect with your partner, your entire relationship can shift and you can have the amazing, loving and passionate relationship that you’ve always wanted.

I look forward to helping you with your journey.