stop smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do for your health and the health of your loved ones

When you look back at how you first started it may have been with a friend or group of friends and you wanted to try it because all the cool kids were doing it. But when you tried it you gagged or threw up and it made you sick. Then you convinced yourself to try it again and again until you became a smoker that enjoyed it.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking is doing the same thing that you did to become a smoker

When you started smoking you didn’t like it. Then you kept repeating the pattern until you decided that you liked it. What you’ve ultimately done is hypnotized yourself to believing that you liked how it looked or made you feel. Even though it was harming your body. Now it’s become a regular thing when you get bored, have a break, eat a meal, go out with friends, or you get stressed out. You felt that smoking was helping you to escape the mood you were in. You convinced yourself that it was helping and nothing could be further than the truth. With hypnosis for quitting smoking you’re doing the same thing. You’re rewiring yourself with a new way of dealing with you get bored, have a break, eat a meal, go out with friends, or you get stressed out. You’re hypnotizing yourself again to reverse what you did all those years ago.

Quitting smoking is easier than you thought

You may have tried to quit smoking by using aids such as: Gums, medication, therapy, counselling, or even cold turkey. And they may have worked for a short time. But then you’ve gone back to smoking because you just can’t seem to “break the habit”. Smoking is just that. It’s a habit that you’ve created and through hypnosis you can help to break the habit and create new habits that are much more beneficial for you, your health and your bank account.

What if all it took was to form some new habits to deal with your boredom, stress, anger, or social setting pressure? Is it possible that quitting smoking is easier than you thought?

Taking the step to book and show up for your FREE stop smoking screening is letting you know that you’re wanting to give up the habit that has been harming you for all the years that you have been doing it.

If you don’t do it now then when will you?

If you don’t want to quit and aren’t going to take the steps that you must to make the changes that you want to. Then when will you? Will you when the Dr. tells you that you have throat or lung cancer? Or you develop C.O.P.D.? You have an oxygen tank so you can breathe almost properly? When you continue smoking and harming your body. You by default hurt the people that care and love you.

What benefits are there to stop smoking?

Imagine what it would look like to see your bank account having 1000’s of dollars more each year than you had before. Feeling that you could walk up stairs without getting winded or no longer having that nasty smokers cough. Seeing people around you wanting to be closer to you and wanting you to kiss them because you don’t smell like an ashtray.

When you quit smoking here’s an average of how much money you’ll be saving.

In Canada, a pack of cigarettes is $10 on average. Here’s how much money you save by quitting a pack-a-day habit:

Daily: $10

Monthly: $300

Yearly: $3650

10 Years: $36,500

20 Years: $73,000

What happens to your body after you stop smoking?